Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cherry Creek Theatre Presents - "The Unexpected Guest” October 7 - 30

Cherry Creek Theatre Presents
October 7 - 30

"The Unexpected Guest”Shaver-Ramsey Showroom
2414 East 3rd Ave.
Denver, CO 80206

A stranger runs his car into a ditch in dense fog near the South Welsh coastline and makes his way to a nearby house. What he finds is a woman standing with a gun in her hand over the dead body of her husband. She confesses her guilt but as the story unfolds it seems she might be lying to protect someone else. Appearances are sure to deceive in this twisty mystery.

The Inn at Cherry Creek is a wonderful location to take in the show and make a weekend out of it.  Cherry Creek North is Denver's premiere neighborhood destination for shopping, fashion, spas, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques and community events. All the shops in the area are committed to maintaining the highest possible standard of exceptional customer service. Reader's Choice voted it the "Best Neighborhood Shopping District."

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